God’s Kingdom in the Academic World: NorCal Faculty & Staff conference co-sponsored by InterVarsity & Faculty Commons


Please join us as InterVarsity and Faculty Commons co-sponsor “God’s Kingdom in the Academic World” – the NorCal Christian Faculty and Staff Conference Friday evening March 12th, and Saturday morning March 13th.

This year – due to our virtual format – we are excited about expanding beyond our original Northern California location, welcoming faculty and staff from campuses from throughout California, other Western states, and Hawai’i. 

We’ll have a chance to hear from professor, author, and speaker Dr. Tim Muehlhoff, interacting together on the topic “‘Blessing for Insult’ in Today’s Argument Culture – Seriously?”

Dr. Muehlhoff, shares: “at a time when it seems we can’t agree on anything, 98% of Americans state that incivility is a serious problem; while 68% agree it’s reached crisis levels.  From cyberbullying, to hate speech, workplace harassment, demonizing political language, verbal abuse, and intolerance the vast majority of us (87%) no longer feel safe in public places sharing our opinions.  

“What do we as Christians owe others as we enter the public square and are met with incivility? The Apostle Peter offers one piece of advice that believers should refrain from responding to an insult with an insult, but rather, give a blessing (1 Pet. 3:9). Could such a strategy work in today’s argument culture?”

Join us as we together discuss and wrestle with this vital topic, and what this can look like as we interact with colleagues, students, and others.

We’ll also hear from a panel of legal experts – Brad Dacus, Greg Jao, and Lori Kepner – sharing and taking questions on the First Amendment and religious freedom in the academy. 

This is a unique opportunity to meet, connect, and interact with Christian faculty and staff from multiple university campuses – and aims to be a source of lasting relationships that will not only provide support and fellowship, but will also spur us on towards greater involvement in the work of God’s Kingdom in the academic world. 

Registration and more information can be found here.

We’re looking forward to our time together and hope you’ll consider joining us. 

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