A Christian Approach to Dealing with Racial Gridlock: 2/27/21 “Winds of Change” conference

Please consider joining us for an upcoming online event sponsored by the “Winds of Change” conference, a ministry to faculty and Ph.D. students. This year’s presenters are Dr. Michael O. Emerson (University of Illinois, Chicago) and Dr. George Yancey (Baylor University). 

A Christian Approach to Dealing with Racial Gridlock

Race? Again? Why now?

After months of social and racial unrest, and graphic videos of violence, a lot of people are just tired of the topic. We get that. And haven’t we made progress, even in this year? Sure. Still, this is a rare opportunity for substantive change. In listening to professors, it becomes apparent that real change won’t happen until there is a change of heart and thinking about racial issues. Legislation won’t do it. Quotas won’t do it. Endless diversity seminars won’t do it. Under analysis, the four major approaches leave one or more factions unsatisfied. Why? None of them recognize the lack of biblical undergirding.

Drs. Emerson and Yancey discuss the four major approaches and their shortcomings. They also propose a fifth approach, based upon biblical truth. Come join us to listen, discuss, ponder. Saturday, February 27th, 2021. Capacity is limited, please register by February 15, 2021. Sponsored by the “Winds of Change” conference. 

Registration and additional information can be found here.  

Dr. Michael O. Emerson is Professor and Department Head of Sociology at the University of Illinois Chicago. He is a leading scholar of race and religion in the U.S. He is the author of 15 books and nearly 100 other publications. Several of his books, including Divided by Faith and People of the Dream have won national awards. Currently, he is directing the most comprehensive national study of those topics ever conducted, and working on a book and several articles from that research.

Dr. George Yancey is a Professor of Institute for Studies of Religion and Sociology at Baylor University. He has published several research articles on the topics of institutional racial diversity, racial identity, atheists, cultural progressives, academic bias and anti-Christian hostility. His books include Compromising Scholarship (Baylor University Press) a book that explores religious and political biases in academia, So Many Christians, So Few Lions (Rowman and Littlefield) a book that assesses Christianophobia in the United States, Beyond Racial Gridlock (Intervarsity Press) a Christian book which articulates a mutual obligations approach to racial issues, and, with Michael Emerson, Transcending Racial Barriers (Oxford University Press) an academic book that articulates a mutual obligations approach. He has a forthcoming book One Faith NoMore: The Transformation of Christianity in Red and Blue America (New York University Press) which examines the schism between conservative and progressive Christians. He is currently working on the effectiveness of homeless programs and exploration of the role collaborative communication can play in dealing with the racial divide in the United States.


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