Veritas Forum

2021’s online Cal Poly Veritas Forum featured our guests Justin Giboney, Stephanie Summers, and David French speaking on “Resisting Bias and Reshaping Institutions: A Conversation About Advancing Racial Justice in Religious Institutions, Government, and Higher Education.” We hope you’ll watching or listening to it.


Founded at Harvard University in 1992, the Veritas Forum is an annual academic event at Cal Poly that seeks to “engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the Veritas Forum, below is an excellent example featuring Dr. Tim Keller (Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City) speaking at a UC Berkeley Forum in 2008. The lecture is followed by Q&A beginning at 44:05.

Below is a list of recent Veritas Forum topics and speakers here on campus: 

2021: “Resisting Bias & Reshaping Institutions” (Justin Giboney Founder, The AND Campaign / Attorney / Political Strategist, David French Senior Editor, The Dispatch / Columnist, Time Magazine)


2020: “Designing Your Life Worth Living” Dave Evans (Stanford University)


2019: “Would Society Be Better Off Without Religion?” (Herb Silverman, College of Charleston / Karen Swallow Prior, Liberty University)

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 2.08.05 PM

2018: “What Does It Mean To Be Human? (Josh Swamidass, Washington University St. Louis / Ed Himelblau, Cal Poly) and “Are Human Beings Special? (Josh Swamidass, Washington University St. Louis / Dr. Hugh Ross, Astrophysics, Reasons to Believe)

Veritas 2018

2017: “Christianity: Cornerstone or Crutch?” (Joseph Rhodes, UNLV / Christian Lundberg UNC – Chapel Hill)


2016  “Can Science Explain Everything?” (Ian Hutchinson, MIT / Paul Rinzler, Cal Poly)


2015 “Nurturing the Yawp” (Francis Su, Harvey Mudd / Kenneth Brown, Cal Poly)


2014 “Discovering Humanity in Academia” (Satyan Devadoss, Williams College / Peter Schwartz, Cal Poly)


2013 “Faith, Reason, Human Need for Certainty” (Troy Van Voorhis, MIT)


2012 “Radical Feminism, Radical Marxism, Radical Love: What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Social Justice” (Mary Poplin, Claremont Graduate University) “What Does it Mean to Be Good?” (Greg Ganssle, Yale / Keith Abney, Cal Poly)

Cal Poly Veritas Forum Good Without God

2011 “The Journey: A Thinking Person’s Quest for Meaning” (Os Guiness, Trinity Forum) “Altruism In Evolution: A Christian and Non-Theist Discuss” (Jeffrey Schloss, Westmont College / John Tooby, UC Santa Barbara)

The Journey- A Thinking Person_s Quest for Meaning

2010 “Finding God Beyond Harvard: the Quest for Veritas” (Kelly Monroe Kullberg, Founder, The Veritas Forum) “Origins of Life” (Fazale Rana, Reasons to Believe / Andy Karplus, Oregon State / Matthew Rainbow, Antelope Valley College) 

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 7.49.45 PM

Veritas Forum’s website can be found here

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