Veritas Forum Update

Veritas2014Thursday night January 23rd, 800+ students and faculty packed out Chumash Auditorium to hear our guest Dr. Satyan Devadoss dialogue with Cal Poly professor Dr. Peter Schwartz on science, faith, and altruism (“why do good?”). Many thanks to our two speakers, as well as Cal Poly physics professor Dr. Jodi Christiansen, who served as moderator.

The event was a dialogue, not a debate. and really modeled what it means to build a friendship, find common ground, and have a respectful conversation.

2014 Veritas (2)Above, Satyan and Pete talking and fielding additional questions from students for a full hour after the event.

2014 VeritasWe’ve gotten very good feedback from the evening. A Cal Poly faculty member, who is a part of the San Luis Obispo “Atheists United” shared how much he appreciated the Forum – and looked forward to future events.

The event was recorded, and we’ll have a link up as soon as it’s available. Thanks to everyone who prayed for the success of this event, supported it financially, announced it in class, invited students or colleagues to attend, and attended themselves.


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