Prayer Requests for Fall 2018:

  • Pray for new professors:  that they will meet Christian faculty on campus, and consider attending the New Faculty Welcome Lunch.
  • The Lord holds all things together – Colossians 1.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to infuse our research, our teaching, and our relationships in your department.
  • Pray for the Freshman class: pray they would respond to God’s call on their lives, and that they would be come to faith in Christ.  Pray for good soil in their hearts as they are being exposed to the gospel.
  • Consider our own hearts:  ask God to make us reliant on Him, not on our own abilities and plans.
  • We are to pray for our leaders and those in authority.  Pray for President Armstrong, for your Dean, and others who are over you.
  • Pray for the area churches and the student campus ministries ministering to students on campus.

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