What’s Your Story?

Last week, a group of students put up a group of different photos in front of the UU with the simple question: “What’s Your Story?”


The photos underneath the question are from a collection called “Solarium” – designed to start spiritual conversations using images and questions. 


Depending on their interest, students who stopped by were asked:


  • what image or images represent your life right now?


  • what image or images represent what you’d like your life to look like in the future?


  • what image or images represent your spiritual life?


  • what image or images represent how you view God?

Some students were just curious about the photos. Others were in talking about their spiritual background. 


That same afternoon, President Jeff Armstrong was walking by and stopped to have a look. 


Students enjoyed talking with him, and explaining the purpose of the outreach. 


He was curious about where the photos came from (designed by the ministry in New York City ) and the student group sponsoring the event (Cru). 


Afterwards, a student pulled out his phone and asked if he could get a phone. President Armstrong was a good sport and was glad to oblige. 

Copies of Solarium are available online. Or, if you’d a packet – or just a few of the photos to put up in your office to spark conversation – let us know. 



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Faculty Commons: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.
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