Cru & InterVarsity formally “de-recognized” as Cal Poly student organizations

Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo - b&wThis month both Cru and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship have been formally de-recognized as student organizations at Cal Poly. We’re saddened, disappointed, but honestly not surprised by these decisions.

As we shared previously, the 23 campus California State University system has instituted a new “all comers” policy – meaning leadership in any recognized student organization must be open to all students. Campus ministries can no longer use religious beliefs or practice as a criteria for student leadership.

Being “de-recognized” means now having to pay for meeting rooms on campus that previously were free, not being able to participate in student club fairs, and not being listed on the Cal Poly website. 

What it does NOT mean is that these two groups (or others) are somehow being “kicked off” of Cal Poly. They are able, and will continue, to minister to students and faculty on campus. Students will continue to host Bible Studies in their dorm rooms and share their faith with others; Christian faculty will continue to bring their faith into their classrooms and offices. They can even still use meeting rooms – they just have to pay for them now. 

Cru, InterVarsity, Navigators and many other ministries are working together at the statewide level to see this policy reversed – please join us in praying for this process. 

In the meantime, these ministries will be thinking creatively, be doing a few things differently, and continuing to trust God for the task he’s called them to on campus. 

As part of the California State University system, we fully understand that Cal Poly must enforce the policy that the Chancellor’s office has created. We encourage any comments from alumni, students or supporters to be directed to Chancellor Timothy P. White and the CSU Board of Trustees

Please join us in praying that this policy will be reversed, and that student leadership and the full-time campus ministry staff of Cru and InterVarsity will remain faithful to the Lord and to what he has called them to on campus. 

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