Praying for student Christian fellowships on campus

As you may have heard, the 23 campus California State University system has recently enacted a new policy that prohibits student groups from selecting leaders based on religious beliefs. This follows a similar policy enacted at several private universities, starting with Vanderbilt University – where two years ago 13 Evangelical and Catholic student organizations lost their campus recognition.

Here’s an excellent video from Greg Jao on InterVarsity’s response to the situation, and a recent article from Christianity Today.

Cal Poly (which is part of the CSU system) has historically been very accommodating to student religious organizations, so at this point we’re unsure how this new policy will affect our campus. None the less, Christian ministries (including Cru, InterVarsity and others) have already been “de-recognized” at several other CSU campuses.

Please know that regardless of current or future policy changes, these organizations are committed to actively ministering on campus. Whether or not they are formally recognized by the university, they will continue to be involved in the lives of students and faculty and serve the larger campus.

As you remember, please pray for our campus’ administration, for ministries on other campuses affected by this new CSU policy, for those making an appeal that this policy would be rescinded, and that God would be glorified regardless of the outcome.

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