“Before & After” outreach

IMG_4596Every person on this planet is unique. Every person has a different story, different hopes, different dreams.

IMG_4586Every person who is a follower of Jesus Christ also has unique story of what God has done –  and is doing – in their lives. A story of what their lives were like before and after they choose to follow Him.

Later this quarter, hundred of students will be participating in a campus-wide “Before & After” outreach. 7th week (May 12th-16th) students will be wearing t-shirts, each with two words that personally describe their life before and after choosing to fully follow Jesus Christ. A few samples are show here.

IMG_4569As faculty, we would love to have you consider participating in this campus wide outreach. Whether you choose to wear the shirt during the week or simply hang it up in a visible spot in your office, it’s an opportunity support the larger student effort and to engage with others about your relationship with Jesus Christ.


What’s impactful is that each shirt is personalized and different – no two are the same.

If you’d like to participate, we need to hear back from you by Friday morning April 11th with the two words that describe your life before and after choosing to follow Christ, and your t-shirt size. The cost for the t-shirt is $8.

This same type of outreach has been done on several other campuses including U of Illinois, Michigan State, Indiana, Idaho. We’re excited to see how God uses it to here at Cal Poly.

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