Using “Noah” in Spiritual Conversations

NoahThe new Paramount film Noah, can be a great conversation starter with students or colleagues. Of course, anytime Hollywood takes on a biblical theme it is usually a mixed blessing.

Director Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah” is a relentlessly dark, conflicted, imaginatively provocative Hollywood work of fiction, inspired by the biblical story of Noah. The good news is, the movie powerfully explores themes of sin, righteousness, judgment, mercy and redemption. The film poses a number of worthwhile questions. Is mankind worth saving? Is God worth worshiping? Does God speak, and if so, how can we discern His voice? That’s why it can work as a great conversation opener to talk about the heart of the gospel.

If you choose to see the film, what follows are a series of questions you may want to use with those who’ve seen it. In brackets after each main question are some potential follow-up questions or other helpful information. (But you should know, there are also a number of plot spoilers!)

Click here for the entire article and discussion questions.


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