Fall 2022 G3 small groups: invitation to join

G3 groups are groups of 4-5 faculty members meeting for 50 minutes every other week for for community, growth, and prayer. The groups are committed to:

• building community: a chance to share with a few others about life – challenges and opportunities, both on and off campus.

• growing faith: taking time to discuss a passage of Scripture or short article together, and pray for each other.

• living out our faith: why has God called each of us to a public university? What does it mean to live out our faith on campus with our colleagues and students, to to love and serve those around us?

G3’s are open to faculty wherever they are at in their spiritual journey: whether interested in exploring Christianity or growing in their faith.

The groups are are scheduled around faculty member’s availability, and the small group format makes it easier to find a time when a group can meet. If you’d like to be in a group, you can let us know your availability here.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, we’ll have groups meeting both in person on campus, and virtually. 

Please contact us if you’d like to be in a group, or have any questions. 


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