January 22, 2022 virtual “A Common Call” Christian faculty conference

The January 22, 2022 virtual “A Common Call” conference is an opportunity for Christian faculty to hear from and discuss with other Christian faculty their common call to both Christ and the academy.

This is an online conference for Christian academics in New England, New York, and faculty in other institutions who would like attend.

Hosted by Faculty Commons (the faculty ministry of Cru) Saturday, January 22 9:00am – 12:30pm EST.

Faculty from Cal Poly and other West Coast campuses are welcome to attend. Please note the three hour time difference: the conference will be 6:00am-9:30am Pacific Time.

From the conference website:

Have you ever said to yourself

  • “If only I had the time, I would like to do more as a Christ-follower in the academy.”
  • “If only I had the inner strength, I would like to do more as a Christ-follower in the academy.”
  • “If only I had the resources, I would like to do more as a Christ-follower in the academy.”

Time, Strength, and Resources – This conference is designed to give you hope in these three areas.

You will hear outstanding Christian professors address their struggles and successes in these three areas, with ample breakout times for discussing your own challenges and breakthroughs with others.


Dr. Rosalind W. Picard is Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT. She is founder and director of the Affective Computing Research Group and co-founder of two successful businesses. She is actively involved with the Christian faculty group at MIT and a frequent speaker for The Veritas Forum and other events sponsored by Christian ministries. She’s been happily married since 1988 to her husband, Len, and she is the mother of three sons. Dr. Picard’s topic will be “Keeping Your Priorities as a Christian Professor.”

Dr. Adegbola (Gbola) Tolulope Adesogan is Professor of Animal Nutrition at the University of Florida. He is also director of the UF Food Systems Institute and the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems. Nigerian- born, Dr. Adesogan went through a period of extreme alcohol consumption and destructive behavior before fully surrendering his life to Christ in college. Now he is known for his gentleness and his faith. He has been a leader of the large Faculty Commons movement at the University of Florida for many years and provides national leadership as a Faculty Commons Fellow. His topic is “The Christian Professor and the Spirit-filled Life.”

Dr. Heather Holleman is Associate Teaching Professor at Penn State University and Schreyer Honors College. She is the author and co-author of several books including “Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison” (Moody), “A Grander Story: An Invitation to Christian Professors.” Dr Holleman is on associate staff with Cru; her husband, Ashley, is the director of Cru’s Grad Student Ministry. They have two daughters. Dr Holleman’s topic is “Sent: Living a Life that Invites Others to Jesus,” which is also the title of her most recent book (Moody).

Registration cost – $20 (registration fee can be waived upon request) Registered attendees will receive a free copy of Dr. Holleman’s book, “Sent: Living a Life That Invites Others to Jesus”

Registration and more information can be found here.


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