2/3/20 Veritas Forum with Dave Evans (Stanford University)


Monday evening February 3rd, students and faculty were at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center to hear from Dave Evans (Stanford) on “Designing Your Life Worth Living”. The large four sided graffiti board (above) was on campus the week before, engaging students with four questions: “What Gives You Purpose in Life?” “What’s A Good Habit That Brings You Joy?” “What Defines Worthwhile Work?” and “If God Exists, How Would That Impact Your Life?”


Dave Evans is an entrepreneur who led the design of Apple’s first mouse, and co-founded the company “Electronic Arts” before becoming a Lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford. He and his colleague Bill Burnett co-authored the Designing Your Life (#1 New York Times Bestseller) and co-teach a class by the same name, considered the most popular class at Stanford.


The Veritas Forum is an annual event at Cal Poly, committed to “engaging students and faculty in discussions on life’s most important questions, and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life.” Above, Cal Poly Philosophy of Religion Professor Dr. Stephen Lloyd Moffett interviewing Dave Evans. Questions from the student/faculty audience included:

Have you found that secular people are just as satisfied with their “purpose” as people of faith?

When do you know when it is the right decision to leave your current path and pursue another purpose?

What has been your reason for staying with Christianity after “running out of gas” [how Dave Evans described his experience] 4-5 times?

How did you accept Jesus into your life and how did your life change after that?


Dave Evans interacting with students afterwards. Which apparently continued outside even after the PAC was closed for the evening (with a smaller follow up meeting for interested students the next day).

Many thanks to Dave Evans for coming to speak, and for the many students and faculty that worked to make this evening happen.

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