G-3’s = groups of three

A G-3 is a group of three or more faculty members meeting regularly three times a quarter for community, growth, and prayer. A G-3 is committed to:

• community: a chance to share with a few others about life – what’s going on, challenges and opportunities, both on and off campus. 

• growth: G-3’s are committed to spiritual growth, and to taking time to discuss a passage of Scripture or short article together.

• prayer: praying together about these things, and for other needs and concerns. 

G-3’s are open to faculty wherever they’re at in their spiritual journey: whether interested in exploring Christianity or growing in their faith … and how Jesus Christ impacts all of life.

G-3’s are relational, connecting you with other faculty members on campus, either in your department, your college – or with those in completely unrelated fields. It’s a safe place to work through your faith journey, build friendships, and explore the question: “why has God called me to a public university campus?”

The groups are are designed to work around faculty members schedules, and the smaller format makes it easier to find a time when a group can meet.  If you’d like to be in group, here’s a link to pass along your availability for Winter Quarter 2020 scheduling. We’re guessing six or seven G-3 groups will be meeting during Winter Quarter. 

Please contact us if you have questions. 


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