“A Common Call” 1/19/19 Bay Area Faculty Conference

This past weekend, a group of nine Cal Poly faculty were part of A Common Call – a one day conference for Christian faculty members in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


What made this year’s conference unique was it’s connection with the larger Cru Winter Conference. Students and faculty were to hear from our keynote speaker, Dr. Heather Holleman (English, Penn State). 


Our good friend, Dr. Susan Siaw (Psychology, Cal Poly Pomona) served as our emcee. 


Faculty and others from ten different universities enjoyed a chance to hear from Dr. Holleman and others, and interact on what it means to be a Christian faculty member on a public university campus. 


The conference was a chance for Cal Poly professors to interact with other faculty from other campuses. 


“The A Common Call conference was outstanding. It’s so rare to have opportunities to connect with other faculty, hear what God is doing in our lives, and to pray for each other. My only desire was the conference was longer.” comment from a Cal Poly CSM professor

Our hope is to host a similar conference next year. We hope you’ll consider joining us. 


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