Gratitude: Faculty Appreciation Dinner

Faculty Appreciation Dinner (1)

Earlier this Spring, students involved with Cru and Epic – two Cal Poly student campus ministries – hosted a Faculty Appreciation Dinner. Similar to previous years, it was a chance for students to thank, honor, and get to know their professors.

Faculty Appreciation Dinner (2)

And it really happened. Students and faculty were engaged in lively conversation around each table, many groups stuck around for 30 minutes or more afterwards, talking or taking photos at a photo booth (new for this year).

Faculty Appreciation Dinner (4)

Here are few thoughts from students that invited their professors: “This was a such an awesome night. It was so well organized and I really think it meant a lot to my professor, which is huge because up until now he definitely has had a negative view of Christianity. I just wish I had invited a professor to this all four years!” Erin (Senior, Biological Sciences)

Faculty Appreciation Dinner (3)

“My professor loved the appreciation dinner. As we talked around the table, it was cool to see how open he was to share about his life. This event really opened opportunity for further conversation I don’t think would have possible otherwise. Thanks!” Michael (Freshman, Mech Engineering)

“My professor is a Christian but is honestly not connected with other believers on campus. After the dinner he said he’d like to get more involved with Cru’s faculty ministry next year.” Kyle (Senior, English)





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