Welcoming Every Student – Fall 2016

Welcome Week 2016 (5).jpg

Welcome Week Fall 2016: several campus ministries worked to welcome and reach out to incoming students. Booths in the photo above in Friday’s Community Fair included (from left to right) the Newman Center, GLO Church, Cru, and Epic.

InterVarsity, Chinese Christian Fellowship, AACF, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, the Veritas Forum and other groups participated Friday – or at Sunday’s Club Showcase. 

2010-2016-listMany thanks to everyone who’ve included their name on the “Meet the Prof” list of Christian faculty.  That list started with 25 names six years ago. It’s since grown to 72 names. Please let us know if you’d like an updated copy of this list. 

Hard copies of this list were given to every campus fellowship group to pass along to interested students. In addition, Cru included a this list of Christian faculty in their welcome bag – given out to over 2500 incoming students (and counting).

 It’s incredibly significant for students to know that there are faculty in every college (and most departments) who are followers of Jesus Christ.

As you remember, please pray for the incoming students. Perhaps some of them are even your students. Pray for the choices they will be making their first few weeks on campus: socially, physically, and academically, and spiritually.


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