Aletheia – ἀλήθεια – a Christian Academic Journal at Cal Poly

Aletheia is a Christian academic journal being launched by a group of students at Cal Poly.  

Augustine Collective journals

Similar journals have been launched on a dozen East Coast universities – Harvard, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth – as well as UC Berkeley and the Claremont Colleges. Aletheia (ἀλήθεια) is the Greek word for “truth” and is the name chosen by students for the journal at Cal Poly. 

The journals are part of the Augustine Collective, a small but growing group of student/faculty Christian academic campus organizations. Click here for a link to their national website with more information.

A group of students began meeting February 19th to plan and begin initial planning and work on Aletheia. They would love faculty input. Please contact students leaders Anelise Powers or Caleb Gotthardt (emails in the image below) for more information. 

Aletheia, Cal Poly 


















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