Philosophy and the Christian Faith

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Can Christian beliefs be rational, reasonable, or justified in a way that counts toward knowledge? How and why could a loving, all-powerful, all-knowing God allow the horrible evils we know about to occur?

Dr. Todd R. Long, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Cal Poly, will be presenting a four part lecture series 6:30-8pm at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church 301 Trinity Avenue Arroyo Grande. Oct 15 and 29 on “The Rationally of Christian Belief” and Nov 12 and 26 on “The Problem of Evil.” The lectures, which are open to the public and free of charge, are designed to provide intellectual support to reflective Christians who wrestle with, or are puzzled about, philosophical questions concerning theology, faith, and practice. The lectures will not assume any prior familiarity with philosophical content. Direction can be found here.

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