MIT faculty Troy Van Voorhis speaking January 16, 2013

MIT Associate Professor of Chemistry Troy Van Voorhis will be speaking on campus Wednesday January 16, 2013, the featured speaker for this upcoming year’s Veritas Forum. Dr. Van Voorhis has served on the faculty at MIT since 2001 and has spoken as part of the Veritas Forum at University of Rhode Island, UC Berkeley, MIT, and Bowdoin College. 

Here’s a 60 second clip of Dr. Van Voorhis speaking at MIT. We are excited about having him here at Cal Poly, and look forward to seeing how God uses these Veritas Forum events in the lives of faculty and students. 

We’re planning a late afternoon faculty welcome reception Wednesday January 16th at 4pm in the UU followed by a campus-wide Veritas Forum at Chumash at 8pm

Please mark your calendar and save the date. 

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