“The Maze” Christian Illusionist at the PAC February 1st

Professional illusionist Jim Munroe will be performing and speaking Wednesday night February 1st in the Performing Arts Center in a campus outreach called “The Maze.”

Munroe has preformed on hundreds of university campuses to packed houses (this past week he was at both UCLA and UC Irvine). 

According to their website www.whatisthemaze.com “In stark contrast to the typical ‘magic show’ , MAZE presents a unique blend of illusion, intuition, psychology, humor, mystery and danger. The events that happen during a MAZE show leave audiences entertained, bewildered, disturbed and inadvertently pondering the question “How can I know what is really true?”

The goal of the evening is not just to entertainment, but to encourage audiences to think about their own spritual journey and to consider the claims of Jesus Christ. Here’s some thoughts from a student at the University of San Diego on what to expect.  

“The Maze” featuring Jim Munroe                                                                                        Harmon Hall, PAC                                                                                                  Wednesday Night February 1st – 7:30pm                                                                     Free Admission (with limited seating we suggest arriving 20+ minutes early)

There are three ways you can be involved:                                                                                   1st  – pray for this outreach and it’s impact in the lives of students.                                        2nd – encourage students to consider attending.                                                                       3rd – consider attending yourself. This would be an excellent event to bring you own kids to (Jr. High School age and older).

Please note that because of limited seating in the PAC, this is event will not be advertised to the larger community and is limited to the Cal Poly campus community (and their families).

The outreach is sponsored by SLO Cru (Campus Cruade for Christ), with additional information on their website. 

Jim Munroe The Maze Cal Poly SLO

The Maze Cal Poly SLO Jim Munroe


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