Thursday Oct 13th 12noon-1pm: lunch with Randy Newman

Join us for lunch and dialogue with Randy Newman (the speaker & author – not the musician) Thursday October 13th 12noon-1pm at Sage Restaurant @ Vista Grande. Please rsvp by Oct 12th if you plan on attending.

Randy Newman directs the Faculty Commons ministry at George Mason University (Washington, DC) and is a Teaching Fellow at the C.S. Lewis Institute. He is an honors graduate from Temple University and has a Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where he is also engaged in doctoral studies. Randy is a Jewish Believer in Jesus and is the former editor of The Messiah-On-Campus Bulletin. A sought after speaker to both students, professors and those working in our nation’s capital, he is the author of numerous articles and several books including Questioning Evangelism (Kregel, 2004). He website can be found here.

Randy Newman Faculty Commons SLO

Cru Campus Crusade for Christ

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