Urgent Housing Need for Incoming International Students

Extending hospitality is a mark of the gospel at work in our lives. International students are arriving in SLO and are struggling to find places to live. The dorms are full of freshmen, and the rental market is drying up. Many are in hotels and paying several hundred per night until they can find a more permanent home.  

Ron and Gayle Miller, of International Students, Inc, (ISI), are working with Cal Poly to help these students to find a place to live. They are looking for temporary housing situations, limited to 3 or 4 days – or for people who can rent a room. The suggested rate is $700 per month for a room, which would include utilities and kitchen privileges, but not food.  

If you, or someone you know, has space to help temporarily or for a longer term, please contact Ron and Gayle Miller at 805-440-7759 or gmiller@isionline.org.  


International Students, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

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