“Someday is Here” virtual event 6/26/21

What does it look like for AAPI women to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves?

We will take a comprehensive approach to doing just that this year at our SIH2021 Virtual Event. Our team has worked hard to bring together a phenomenal group of AAPI women leaders who will cover practical and necessary topics to help us grow in holistic health: spiritually, emotionally, generationally, relationally, and communally. This space is carved out to bring us together to validate, encourage, equip and inspire AAPI women in all walks of life. Invite your friends. We look forward to being together June 26th.

Registration and more information can be found here.


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Spring Quarter faculty-led prayer: Fridays 11am-11:30am

Please join us Fridays 11:00-11:30am Spring Quarter as faculty, students, and staff pray together for the campus and the community.

Please contact us if you need the Zoom code.


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Easter Sunday: Christ is Risen

The tomb is empty. Christos Anesti: Christ is risen.

Wishing everyone a happy Resurrection Sunday.


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What Makes Friday Good?

Wishing everyone a meaningful and contemplative Good Friday.


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March 12th-13th Faculty Staff Conference video resources

90 faculty from Northern California (and beyond) were part of our virtual conference March 12th-13th, co-sponsored together by InterVarsity’s GFM and Faculty Commons.

We heard from Communications Professor Dr. Tim Muehlhoff, and panel on Religious Liberty in the Academy, and again from Dr. Muehlhoff. We hope you’ll enjoy watching – or, perhaps easier, listening – to these resources the conference has made available.


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2/10/21 Cal Poly Veritas Forum: “Resisting Bias & Reshaping Institutions”

Thank you for everyone who prayed for, and participated in, last week’s online Cal Poly Veritas Forum: “Resisting Bias and Reshaping Institutions: A Conversation About Advancing Racial Justice in Religious Institutions, Government, and Higher Education.”

Our guests – Justin Giboney, Stephanie Summers, and David French – modeled a civil discussion among Christians processing a difficult and timely topic – racism and justice. The content was outstanding – students and faculty commented this was the best Veritas Forum they’ve ever attended.

Thanks to the magic of Zoom, faculty and students from throughout California – and even as far away as the University of Texas – were able to participate. We certainly recommend taking time to watch (or listen) now that it’s posted on YouTube.

We’re aware that the topics of race and racism are constantly discussed on university campuses, yet generally void of spiritual content. We’re also aware that many churches and Christian organizations have not engaged well in this topic, leaving a generation of students – even within the church – to question the relevancy of Christianity in the world they live in.

Founded at Harvard University in 1992, the Veritas Forum is an annual academic event at Cal Poly that seeks to “engage students and faculty in discussions about life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life.”

Many thanks to the student organizers, and faculty advisor Dr. Marc Horney, for taking a step to try to bring these two worlds together.


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Standing in Solidarity

AEPiFaculty Commons stands with solidarity with the men of AEPi Fraternity – and against hatred and bigotry of any kind. Information on the events of 2/5/21 can be found here.

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2/10/21 Veritas Forum: “Resisting Bias & Reshaping Institutions” with Justin Giboney, David French, and Stephanie Summers


Please join us Wednesday February 10th as the Cal Poly Veritas Forum welcomes:

Justin Giboney – Founder, The AND Campaign / Attorney / Political Strategist
David French – Senior Editor, The Dispatch / Columnist, Time
and moderator Stephanie Summers – CEO, Center for Public Justice

As they discuss “Resisting Bias and Reshaping Institutions”

We’re so excited about this topic and our speakers. Issues of race and racism are often discussed on campus, yet often void of any spiritual content. Many churches and Christian organizations have not engaged biblically in the conversation, leaving a generation of students – even within the church – to question the relevancy of Christianity.

Our speakers and moderator come from different backgrounds and perspectives, but share a common faith in Jesus Christ.

The one hour discussion from 5pm-6pm PST is open to students, faculty, and the anyone larger community. Forum organizers will also offer 30 minutes of smaller discussion groups afterwards, specifically for Cal Poly students or faculty.

Please forward and share this opportunity with students, colleagues, or friends from the community.

To attend, please register here. We look forward to this event and hope you can join us.


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God’s Kingdom in the Academic World: NorCal Faculty & Staff conference co-sponsored by InterVarsity & Faculty Commons


Please join us as InterVarsity and Faculty Commons co-sponsor “God’s Kingdom in the Academic World” – the NorCal Christian Faculty and Staff Conference Friday evening March 12th, and Saturday morning March 13th.

This year – due to our virtual format – we are excited about expanding beyond our original Northern California location, welcoming faculty and staff from campuses from throughout California, other Western states, and Hawai’i. 

We’ll have a chance to hear from professor, author, and speaker Dr. Tim Muehlhoff, interacting together on the topic “‘Blessing for Insult’ in Today’s Argument Culture – Seriously?”

Dr. Muehlhoff, shares: “at a time when it seems we can’t agree on anything, 98% of Americans state that incivility is a serious problem; while 68% agree it’s reached crisis levels.  From cyberbullying, to hate speech, workplace harassment, demonizing political language, verbal abuse, and intolerance the vast majority of us (87%) no longer feel safe in public places sharing our opinions.  

“What do we as Christians owe others as we enter the public square and are met with incivility? The Apostle Peter offers one piece of advice that believers should refrain from responding to an insult with an insult, but rather, give a blessing (1 Pet. 3:9). Could such a strategy work in today’s argument culture?”

Join us as we together discuss and wrestle with this vital topic, and what this can look like as we interact with colleagues, students, and others.

We’ll also hear from a panel of legal experts – Brad Dacus, Greg Jao, and Lori Kepner – sharing and taking questions on the First Amendment and religious freedom in the academy. 

This is a unique opportunity to meet, connect, and interact with Christian faculty and staff from multiple university campuses – and aims to be a source of lasting relationships that will not only provide support and fellowship, but will also spur us on towards greater involvement in the work of God’s Kingdom in the academic world. 

Registration and more information can be found here.

We’re looking forward to our time together and hope you’ll consider joining us. 

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A Christian Approach to Dealing with Racial Gridlock: 2/27/21 “Winds of Change” conference

Please consider joining us for an upcoming online event sponsored by the “Winds of Change” conference, a ministry to faculty and Ph.D. students. This year’s presenters are Dr. Michael O. Emerson (University of Illinois, Chicago) and Dr. George Yancey (Baylor University). 

A Christian Approach to Dealing with Racial Gridlock

Race? Again? Why now?

After months of social and racial unrest, and graphic videos of violence, a lot of people are just tired of the topic. We get that. And haven’t we made progress, even in this year? Sure. Still, this is a rare opportunity for substantive change. In listening to professors, it becomes apparent that real change won’t happen until there is a change of heart and thinking about racial issues. Legislation won’t do it. Quotas won’t do it. Endless diversity seminars won’t do it. Under analysis, the four major approaches leave one or more factions unsatisfied. Why? None of them recognize the lack of biblical undergirding.

Drs. Emerson and Yancey discuss the four major approaches and their shortcomings. They also propose a fifth approach, based upon biblical truth. Come join us to listen, discuss, ponder. Saturday, February 27th, 2021. Capacity is limited, please register by February 15, 2021. Sponsored by the “Winds of Change” conference. 

Registration and additional information can be found here.  

Dr. Michael O. Emerson is Professor and Department Head of Sociology at the University of Illinois Chicago. He is a leading scholar of race and religion in the U.S. He is the author of 15 books and nearly 100 other publications. Several of his books, including Divided by Faith and People of the Dream have won national awards. Currently, he is directing the most comprehensive national study of those topics ever conducted, and working on a book and several articles from that research.

Dr. George Yancey is a Professor of Institute for Studies of Religion and Sociology at Baylor University. He has published several research articles on the topics of institutional racial diversity, racial identity, atheists, cultural progressives, academic bias and anti-Christian hostility. His books include Compromising Scholarship (Baylor University Press) a book that explores religious and political biases in academia, So Many Christians, So Few Lions (Rowman and Littlefield) a book that assesses Christianophobia in the United States, Beyond Racial Gridlock (Intervarsity Press) a Christian book which articulates a mutual obligations approach to racial issues, and, with Michael Emerson, Transcending Racial Barriers (Oxford University Press) an academic book that articulates a mutual obligations approach. He has a forthcoming book One Faith NoMore: The Transformation of Christianity in Red and Blue America (New York University Press) which examines the schism between conservative and progressive Christians. He is currently working on the effectiveness of homeless programs and exploration of the role collaborative communication can play in dealing with the racial divide in the United States.


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